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International Rebellion – XR Scotland


07 October 2019

20 October 2019

09:00 – 18:00


London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom



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Extinction Rebellion Scotland

Extinction Rebellion goes to London for the second International Rebellion, starting October 7th!

– XR UK’s strategy is to shut down the Westminster area, creating a political dilemma, forcing the government to ACT NOW.
– The plan is to have as many sites of occupation as possible, at key junctures, spaces or government departments. The strategy aims to be decentralised, empowering XR groups to develop their own site, with their own messaging and actions, with financial and logistical support from XR UK.

Scotland’s Plan:
– Support XR UK’s strategy of shutting down the Westminster Area (not only Parliament, but the core nexus of government power – remember only Parliament, not government is being prorogued).
– We will organise our own independent site, in collaboration with rebels from the North East of England and Cumbria. Our site location, actions and messaging will focus on the fossil fuel industry, highlighting the links between government, corruption and the crimes of fossil fuel corporations.
– The very-newly formed Action Support Working Group for this site are forming proposals for the location and target of the site, and for an additional action. If you would like to be part of discussion and planning for this please step up for a role in the group (see below) – we are all crew!
– We hope to be able to hold site for two weeks which is why we need as many rebels from across Scotland as possible.
– The North of England will be setting up a large site with full facilities in a green, safe space nearby which can be used for camping and regenerative time.

Next steps:
– If you’re not already part of an Area Group, get in touch with them! See the About Us page for list of Area Groups.
– If you are already in touch with your local Area Group, please help plan the International Rebellion by joining a working group and/or attending a planning meeting – check out their events here on Facebook.
– Attend training so that you’re skilled up in time for the Rebellion – see Events page
– Invite everone you know to this event!

LET US KNOW YOU’RE COMING WITH US! If you’re planning to go to London, it’s really important to fill out this form:

Take an organisational role to make our site the best in all of London!
We are all crew, and the Rebellion needs YOU! The XR Scotland and Far North of England site will need as many rebels as possible to step up to coordinate, organise, and make this happen – both in advance and on the ground during the Rebellion. If you have relevant skills and experience, understanding of XR’s core aims and values, and the time, heart and energy to give to our movement, click here:

We need you all and appreciate every single person taking part in whatever capacity they can.

1. Sign up to the rebellion >

2. Book our bus to the rebellion (leaving from both Glasgow and Edinburgh) on Sunday 6th October >

3. Chip in whatever you can. October is going to be BIG and we need your support >

Climate and ecological breakdown will affect everyone and we need EVERYONE to make the Government take action. No one is too small to make a difference.

For the Earth!

#ClimateEmergency #ActNow
#EverybodyNow #TheTimeIsNow #NowOrNever #MomentOfTruth #ExtinctionOrRebellion

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