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International Rebellion – Rewilded North #EveryoneNow


07 October 2019

19 October 2019

08:00 – 20:00


Millbank, London, United Kingdom

We are currently living in a climate and ecological emergency. Despite decades of protest and campaigning for climate action, governments have continued to prioritise profit and increase the wealth of a few at the expense of the majority and our living planet. We are saying no more, and demanding radical and transformative climate action.


During the International Rebellion, groups from the North West of England will be coming together to hold Millbank Road. Our site is called ‘Rewilding North’ to highlight the ongoing decimation of our green spaces and how the North is continually underfunded and ignored.


We are planning to re-wild our patch of London with three main concept-pieces: The Beehive, The Forest and The Nest. Our site will be focus on living in harmony with nature, rather than seeing it as a resource to be exploited and destroyed. We will be transforming our site with creative and direct action, creating an oasis of nature in one of the most polluted and toxic cities in the world.

We call on the North to rise up and demand climate justice and action from a government which has ignored us for far too long.


In the list of solutions to the climate crisis and destruction of our vital ecosystems, rewilding is one of the easiest and immediately achievable ways to do so, and one of the most urgent. All that is lacking is political will. Our government has attempted to greenwash this solution, through proposals of the ‘Great Northern Forest’ with the aim to plant 50 million trees within 25 years. However, again this project is vastly underfunded and currently, behind schedule.

What will be happening?
Along with the 15 other sites, we will be shutting down Westminster for 2 weeks. We are calling on people from all across the UK to join us! We will be holding, taking action from there and targeting key aspects of government infrastructure.

How Can I get involved?
We’re feeling ambitious and we hope you are too; for what would the wild be without its wildlife? The two costume themes will be ’The Birds and the Bees’ and ‘Northern Forest’, Let us flex our creative Northern muscles and get as many of our rebels striped, spotted, feathered and furred as possible. Additionally any props, banners, decorations, placards and artwork that you can bring or make to fit with this theme will help to make our forest a thriving hub of biodiversity, with the potential to put a smile on the face of even the most sour-faced dawn commuter.

If you don’t want to design your own costume, you can contact to help out with one of the 7 giant origami animal-heads that we have acquired for the ‘Northern Forest’ theme, they will send you a downloadable pdf to print at home.

What facilities will be available?
We will provide water, food, camping space, phone-charging facilities, and toilets on site.
There is also accommodation available offsite, which will be prioritised for those who are unable to camp, and you can apply for this via this link:

Clear your calendar and bring your friends, family, neighbour, guy you met on a bus that one time – we need all of you!

We will be camping to help hold the site for 2 weeks, so if you are able, please bring camping equipment (pop up tents are ideal and we’ve got some solutions if your tent needs pegs!), warm clothing, food to share, a torch, layers of clothes, sunscreen (always helps to be hopeful!), costumes (which will be explained more below), signs, and lots of energy!

#EveryoneNow #ExtinctionOrRebellion

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