Brisbane: International Rebellion Week


06 October 2019

11 October 2019

22:00 – 08:00


Brisbane - CBD, Brisbane, Australia



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion SEQ


From October 7th, Extinction Rebellion groups worldwide will be shutting down cities with mass non-violent civil disobedience, announcing the International Rebellion. We don’t have much time left to change the system and force swift and radical climate action, so we are glad you are joining us.

XR SEQ and surrounding XR groups made international news on August 6th with our Rebellion Day. On October 7, civil disobedience in Brisbane will escalate for Rebellion Week. Thousands of rebels will descend on the Queensland capital over the period to take part in major actions, rebellions and disruptions – every day.

∙ What will Rebellion Week (Oct 7-11) look like? ∙


It will kick off with a large-scale action on Monday 7th – a march and rebellion starting at 10am in Musgrave Park, and ending in Queens Gardens in the CBD.

From that point onwards, Rebellion Week will take a more autonomous form, with actions taking place every day in and around Brisbane, led by different groups. To be involved, we suggest you plan a non-violent disruptive action with friends whenever you choose during the period, or head to Queens Gardens in the CBD by 7:30am every day to join in with the actions already planned around the city. When you join us, please make yourself as mobile as possible; we may want to shift locations once actions begin.

We will be taking the streets. Bring your tent if you’d like to stay overnight for a night or two, or throughout the whole week if possible. We are looking to hold spaces throughout each day and each night of International Rebellion Week.

On Friday 11th, we will conclude the week with a public occupation and shut-down of the William Jolly Bridge
( Brisbane: Occupy the William Jolly Bridge ) See you there by 10am.

We want to acknowledge that Rebellion Week will be taking place on the stolen land of the Jagera, Turrbal, Yuggera and Yugarabul peoples of Meanjin and surrounds (now so-called Brisbane). Because the fight to protect ourselves and the environment is new to many people, it is important we acknowledge that First Nations people have already been fighting for over 231 years to protect country, water, culture and life.

On August 6, we saw a small sample of what this movement is capable of. From October 7, join us again – together we can force change, together we can give ourselves a chance at survival.

Stay tuned with this event page for updates, time changes and more info as the International Rebellion takes shape.

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