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International: Demand Action on Australian Fires!


10 January 2020
01:00 - 03:30


Extinction Rebellion Sydney, Sydney, Australia



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Extinction Rebellion Sydney

!!! Important note: 12pm is the start time for the INTERNATIONAL protest at Australian embassies worldwide. In Sydney, the protest will take place at 5:30pm, January 10th at Sydney Town Hall.

The unprecedented fires in Australia are at least five times bigger than those in the Amazon in 2019.

Twelve million acres have burned or are currently burning. After prolonged drought and the country’s hottest ever temperatures, the fire threat level is now “catastrophic” — the worst possible rating, never invoked before.

Hundreds of millions of animals and 17 people killed, enormous habitats destroyed, thousands of buildings burned…

And the Australian government relies on tens of thousands of volunteers to tackle the fires, many of whom have been working for weeks already, with no salary.

On January 10th, we want activists, rebels, and any people that care about what’s going on to to hold protests at Australian embassies around the worldwide, to let the Australian government know that what it’s climate inaction and land management polices are unacceptable!

if your group can’t organise for January 10th, there will also be additional solidarity action on the 16th. We’d love for you to have actions on both days, as these bushfires are catastrophic!

The Extinction Rebellion Sydney protest is organised with Australian Uni Students for Climate Justice, and the demands are:

– Pay all firefighters and give the force full funding.
– Provide genuine relief and aid for affected communities
– Begin the immediate rapid transition away from fossil fuels.
– A just transition for workers in fossil fuel industries with a jobs guarantees
– Justice for First Nations communities – land and water sovereignty

These fires are the result of decades of emissions, hundreds of years of land mismanagement, and a government in denial about the impact of climate change. The future is already here. Come out to the Australian embassy to help wake up those in power to the extent of the emergency in Australia and beyond.

Note that this event is the international version of the Sydney protest (

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