How to write a press release


17 August 2022
18:30 - 21:30


Training - Online

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XR UK Talks & Trainings

How to Get your Actions in the local Paper/TV/Radio

📅 Wednesday 17th August
⏰ 6.30 – 9:30 PM BST (bring your dinner!)

Do you want to get your group’s Actions in the local newspaper/TV/radio?

➡️This training is for any local group rebel who deals with / wants to deal with local print and broadcast media with a bit more confidence.

✍️ Register here:

By the end of the evening, each trainee will have an understanding of and have made a start on the following:

👉🏻clear message for the media
👉🏻Press Release
👉🏻a brief for rebels who will be press contacts
👉🏻local media list
👉🏻timing strategy
👉🏻post-action plan for the Press
👉🏻post-action plan for non M&M rebels to support the work you have done!


Practical info:

📖Some pre-prepared materials will be available for you to adapt so your local media will be interested.
🍲 Bring your dinner to this 3 hours (very casual) practical training.
❤️ There will be breaks throughout the evening for you to make a start on some essential jobs, and grab a drink.
💡Please bring an idea for a future Action to this training so you can work on it.


Why you should do this training:

📰 By using the media our actions reach a much wider group than just the passers-by who observe us.
📰 We can sometimes get the readers / viewers who may be interested in XR a route to contact us via an article or image.
📰 With practice, the media can be a very useful tool to engage local politicians.


This is NOT Spokesperson training. If you are interested in this, please attend “How to be a spokesperson” on Tue 23rd August:

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