How to Start a Revolution — Climate Crisis Film Festival – Extinction Rebellion UK

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How to Start a Revolution — Climate Crisis Film Festival


01 December 2019
16:45 - 18:10


Deptford Cinema, London, United Kingdom



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Deptford Cinema

The CLIMATE CRISIS FILM FESTIVAL starts the DIRECT ACTION double bill with the unmissable documentary HOW TO START A REVOLUTION (Ruaridh Arrow, 2011). This BAFTA-winning film profiles the ideas and impact of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp, the world’s leading expert on non-violent system change. His advice has already proved invaluable to activists the world over, from pro-democracy movements to Extinction Rebellion.

After the screening, we have an amazing GUEST PANEL with Director Ruaridh Arrow, Conservation Biologist Charlie Gardner and a representative from Extinction Rebellion.

Each panelist certainly brings something special to the table, so don’t miss out on what will surely be an exciting discussion around how the teachings of Gene Sharp have influenced a radical approach to the powerful actions taken by environmentalists recently.

HOW TO START A REVOLUTION, together with HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD (2015), and our GUEST PANEL, is part of the DIRECT ACTION double bill. Both films look at activism and the tools that might help us take the first step towards active engagement and civil disobedience.

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***THE FILM:***

Who is Gene Sharp, and why should we all know his name? Sharp hardly seems like one of the world’s most dangerous men. From his modest home in Boston, the elderly university professor grows rare orchids – and inspires revolutions. His writings are credited with providing the blueprint for the overthrow of governments in Serbia, Ukraine, Guatemala, Indonesia and the Arab world.

In this fascinating documentary, director Ruaridh Arrow digs deeper into the impact of this scholar who has been described as ‘the Machiavelli of non-violent warfare.’ Sharp’s book FROM DICTATORSHIP TO DEMOCRACY, listing 198 ‘weapons’ of direct action, has become the standard manual for rebel groups — now including Occupy Wall Street and Extinction Rebellion.

By showing the sheer force of non-violent people power, this film can inspire future movements to develop effective strategies for non-violent system change in the face of apparently overwhelming odds.

“When you look at the theories of non-violent protest, particularly the 198 non-violent weapons, those are the absolute lifeblood of Extinction Rebellion“ — XR spokesperson

“A world-conquering British documentary” — The Daily Telegraph

“Sharp warns that ‘inspiration alone’ is not enough. The most important thing in a revolution is to be prepared, and non-violent struggle is more complex than the brute strength of military power.” — The Telegraph


New Talent Award — BAFTA 2011
Winner — Boston Film Festival
Best Documentary — Raindance Film Festival



DIRECT ACTION double bill:
16:45 — How to Start a Revolution
18:15 — Guest Panel
19:30 — How to Change the World

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Date: Dec 1st
Film start time: 4.45 PM
Location: Deptford Cinema, SE8 4PQ

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