How to Deliver XR Welcome Sessions


17 November 2021


09 December 2021


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This train-the-trainer workshop will teach you how to deliver the different kinds of Welcome sessions you can offer new rebels when they join your local group.

Growing our movement is the top priority for XR in the coming months as we build toward our next big campaign in April. Rebels will want to stay with XR when they feel part of your community. Welcome sessions are a great way to build rapport and help them feel connected. Welcome sessions can include some or all of the following: how we hold meetings; what our demands are; why we use NVDA; and what our principles and values are. The most important part of each session will be something you customise yourself, and that’s how to get more involved with YOUR local group.

In this How to Deliver workshop, we’ll walk through a script which you can tailor to different scenarios (online. in-person, shorter, longer etc.)

Prior experience: If you have a teaching or training background, that would be handy, but all you really need is to feel comfortable facilitating a group, and good familiarity with our demands, our principles and values, and how your group works.

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