22 August 2020
12:30 - 16:00


Brighton, UK



hosted by

XR Rebel Hoopers

All hoopers warmly invited to Promo video shoot down in BRIGHTON on the weekend of the 22nd! If you are willing to dress up in our costume and bring a hoop along to look bad-ass with the team (socially distanced, ofc!) then PLEASE COME ALONG!

Get this in your calendar now 😁 we can’t wait to make the next kick-ass vid for the Rebellion!


Come be part of a *brand new* Futuristic & Revolutionary flash mob JUST FORMING: we will be handing out patches for pinning to costume so that you look the part. All types of people, body shape, ethnicity, identity are welcome – our diverse group will reflect the future we want to create!

We will be joined by a super cool female photographer and an awesome and humble video guy to informally create our promo for this National team of hoopers 🙏 No need for nerves, this is a non-competitive environment and we strive to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere…

🔸 Arrivals in Brighton 12:00
🔸 Welcome team, lunch and costume @ the Level 12:30
🔸 Group video 1st location 14:00
🔸 Group video 2nd location 15:30

(Please be aware this schedule may be subject to change)

All hoopers will be provided with a clear, locally sourced face visor to ensure our troupe is covid secure.

To get us looking like a dapper workforce, we request that you consider this dress code where possible!
– Bright blue, neon green, white, grey
– Fishtail or braids if hair permits
– Cargo/utility/boilersuit style garms
– Boots/lace ups/chunky shoes
– A hula hoop of your choice

This is a safe and inclusive space for all people regardless of gender/sexuality/race we are welcoming on all fronts and anything that goes against this will not be tolerated.

We are committed to broadening the diversity of our group – black and ethnic minorities are very welcome. We need to be representative and inclusive of society: this vid is going to be a representation of the world we wish to see, so, please, come and get involved!

This is the perfect opportunity for hoopers to come to Brighton if you’re not sure about coming to mass demonstrations in London from 1st September onwards.

We will be making the effort to be COVID-secure. This means we encourage you to stay hygienic and be prepared to keep distance. Bring your own lunch and bring a face visor for the shoot where we will be together.

Agreement: by coming to the shoot you are agreeing for the videographer to use the content for promotional purposes (us looking awesome for a cause) for all parties to enjoy the content as we all see fit.

Cheshia Toka, XR Rebel Hoopers National Coordinator (Brighton-based)


Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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