Global Justice Rebellion


07 October 2019

20 October 2019

09:00 – 12:00


Victoria Tower Gardens, Millbank, London, United Kingdom SW1P 3JA



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Youth

*** (We’re in Victoria Tower Gardens, Millbank site in London) ***

Join the Global Justice Rebellion demanding climate justice for all!

Organised by The XR Internationalist Solidarity Network, XR Youth, XR Doctors and health professionals, XR Disabled Rebels, XR Universities and the Environmental Justice Bloc.

Together with RAPAR, Phulbari Solidarity Group, NCBD UK, Global Women’s Strike, Women of Colour – Global Women’s Strike, Our Future Now, Green Anti-Capitalist Front and Stop The Maangamizi Campaign.

More groups to be announced – stay tuned for updates!

Join the 2-week occupation at Victoria Tower Gardens to coincide with Extinction Rebellion’s October uprising.

The Global Justice Rebellion is about linking with resisting groups on the frontline of the environmental crisis. These struggles – which are mostly in the global south – and the demands and people involved will be at the very front and centre of the fortnight of activism and events. The role of deep global inequality, current and historical power dynamics, capitalism and colonialism will not be forgotten, and we will build a politics of solidarity and systemic change.

Join us for a fortnight of music, talks, art and struggle as we celebrate the frontline communities of resistance that are the fighting forces of the world. All our livelihoods are dependent on their success:

*** “they have to win for us to win” ***

Communities in the global south have been struggling against the real impacts of climate injustice for many years. We need to demonstrate to these communities how a mass movement here in the UK can connect to, and strengthen their own efforts defending their local environment as well as their efforts to influence the global picture.

Record numbers of environmental activists are killed, with around four people a week putting their bodies on the line to protect and preserve our natural world. These communities are in constant rebellion, in spite of the risks. We need to be able to make assurances that when they mobilise their communities – in the Global North we will be in solidarity and make their struggles heard.

Their resistances must be reflected in ways directed and led by frontline communities. Visually, graphically and audibly in the streets of London – their voices must be amplified to make sure the world sees their struggle.

We will create a space of cultural resistance, representing organisations across the world. We plan to make space for outdoor exhibitions, sharing the long history of internationalist solidarity and global resistance. We want traditional dance, folklore, live music, art and film which raises consciousness. The idea is to create a family-friendly space which allows us to communicate and share stories in a safe space.

What does it look like to embody this notion of collaborative solidarity? How do we shape actions and spaces which achieve this? We want this space to embrace an authentic democracy which invites groups and individuals to be involved in exploring questions such as these.

We want this site to explore wider questions and issues with regards to collaboration with XR UK and the Movement of Movements. We want to test out our views, embracing critical discussion and reflection.


The XR Internationalist Solidarity Network, XR Youth and the Environmental Justice Bloc will collaborate with anyone who shares this vision … collectives who want to help shape this resistance.

If you want to be involved contact us at:

When we can we’d like to make ourselves available for any meetings you’re having: to listen, learn, and explore ways for moving forward with this project.

For press and media enquiries our email is



The Global Justice Rebellion is working to ensure that our site is a safe space for folk during the Rebellion. We have stated previously that this will be a ‘non-arrestable’ site. However, we cannot guarantee that no arrests will be made on the site or in proximity to the site.

Our site will be located inside Victoria Tower Gardens, operated by The Royal Parks. We will be occupying this space for two-weeks as part of the International Rebellion.

We want everyone participating on the site to know that there is always a risk of arrest and we are working to ensure that the proper legal and wellbeing support is in place if any arrests are made. We are aware that furthermore, if you do not hold a British passport an arrest can affect your immigration status and your right to remain in the country.

We are working with XR’s legal support team as well as external legal support teams. We are working to facilitate an on-site legal support team who will be present daily on-site.

*We will be updating clearly on here what those support systems will be on and off site.*

The parks are owned by the Crown and The Royal Parks charity manages the parks on behalf of the government. The parks are policed by the Royal Parks Operational Command Unit of the Metropolitan Police. We expect there will be a heavy police presence in proximity to the site.

*We will be updating clearly on here about the legal risks associated with occupying the park.*

We do not seek arrest. We do not recognise arrest as an aim or an achievement. Arrest may be a consequence of taking direct action for change, but it is the change we seek. Ultimately individuals should not be arrested for seeking to resist the structures that are causing the climate catastrophe.

We recognise that structural inequalities and prejudice within the police force and legal system mean that people of minority, marginalised, or oppressed communities can often receive harsher experiences of arrest and sentencing: people of colour, people with disabilities, queer and trans people, just to name a few.

Discrimination is a reality of the society we live in and it is our collective responsibility to address it, everywhere and within this movement. The global justice change we are seeking for in the world includes addressing inequality and prejudice. We are working with the groups above to adopt strategies which minimise risks for groups likely to be discriminated against who are taking part on-site.

We understand the risks that our communities face from the Police. We recognise the issue of state violence.

Where actions we are involved in may lead to arrest we will work to support those impacted throughout the process of their arrest and any subsequent court actions against them.

When we speak of police relations, we understand that although some people may be in a position to protest peacefully in police presence, generations of Black and Brown people, working class people and LQBTQI people have been subjected to Police brutality for far less than sitting in a road.

We understand why these communities do not want to have the same relationship with the police.

We understand and also speak up for those communities.

If you have questions around the legalities of participating in the Global Justice Rebellion, please contact:


It is true … we are in a 6th mass extinction – wildlife are being killed en masse … we have a scorched earth with rainforests on fire; ecological destruction surrounds and wounds us in countless ways.

Yes, we must tell the truth. But we cannot pick and choose which truths we tell.

Let’s be truthful. Let’s be truthful with ourselves and recognise that Britain has a history of colonisation and exploitation which is central to the creation of the climate crisis. Britain cannot run away from its colonial legacy.

Let’s be truthful about the eradication of cultures, hand in hand with ecological destruction, lost together under the pressure of assimilation, or stolen by force through colonisation, conquest and slavery.

Let’s be truthful. The 6th mass extinction is a manifestation of the histories and legacies of colonialism and capitalism; both genocide and ecocide have been familiar patterns in the maintenance of Britain and other imperial empires.

Let us be truthful: this injury and trauma has continued – permission to heal from these wounds has never been granted.

As painful and overwhelming as these injustices may be, we have to face them together. Only then can we rebel for life – rebel for our collective liberation.

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