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Global Green New Deal – lead thinking on the climate crisis


23 October 2019
18:30 - 20:00


BSMT Space, London, United Kingdom



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BSMT Space

What can be done to effectively tackle the climate crisis? This talk brings together leading ideas in dealing with the economics of climate change from the profound change needed at a global level to radical policies that could be implemented in the UK.
The event is comprised of two talks that will highlight how significant system change brings with it great opportunity and will highlight why investing in these opportunities is so desirable. The speakers will offer though provokingly diverse perspectives on the climate crisis:

1) Sacha Meckler dealing with the global challenges of agreeing and coordinating action on climate change, with solutions focussed on adopting market-centred thinking.

2) Adrienne Buller will focus on the importance of national action and the success of grassroots movements in affecting policy, where she advocates more socially orientated economic thinking.

Sacha is an engineer and innovator who has 20 years of experience working in tech and cleantech, where he has sought to use technology and innovation as key instruments for change. He advocates that technology alone, without the right economics, business and institutional support are often insufficient to catalyse change. This has led him to champion and advocate for system change across a broad spectrum of areas, from the transformative potential of digital to the imperatives around the climate crisis.

His talk highlights the major issues that exist at a global level, and the shortcomings of the current UN approach to tackling the climate crisis. He advocates for the fundamental necessity of system-level change for humanity to be able to continue flourishing in the face of the climate emergency. He has published work on potential solutions to overcoming the global shortcomings of the current climate regime.

Adrienne Buller is Co-Director of Labour for a Green New Deal, and directs policy development for the organisation. Outside of the campaign, her work focuses on the intersection between the financial system and climate change.

Labour for a Green New Deal is a grassroots campaign which, in the span of sixth months, has successfully secured a radical Green New Deal framework as Labour Party Policy. The campaign continues to advocate for radical, transformative economic and climate policy, building a political movement in communities across the UK. Her talk will focus on exploring the radical Green New Deal framework, and the importance of understanding climate change as a class issue.

The BSMT Urban Art gallery will host the talks as part of its two-part exhibition: DYSTOPIA and UTOPIA, in light of the climate crisis. The gallery and its art will be a platform to interrogate our warming world; the exhibitions will explore the possible futures we may encounter, embodying the zeitgeist we are all experiencing now. We will donate a percentage of all art sales to Extinction Rebellion in support of the brave work they are doing. More on the exhibition can be found here.

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