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Global Day of Action for the Amazon


05 September 2019

06 September 2019

08:00 – 08:00


Amazon Watch, Oakland, United States



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Amazon Watch


Unprecedented fires are ravaging the Amazon – more than 74,000 fires this year is an 84% increase over last year’s count. This is an international tragedy and a dangerous contribution to climate chaos.

This devastation is directly related to President Bolsonaro’s anti-environmental rhetoric, which erroneously frames forest protections and human rights as impediments to Brazil’s economic growth. Farmers and ranchers understand the president’s message as a license to commit arson with wanton impunity, in order to aggressively expand their operations into the rainforest.

Amazon destruction is not new, however. Indigenous people of the Amazon have been sounding the alarm about risks to the rainforest for years and resisting the destruction – sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

These indigenous Earth Defenders have put out the call for international solidarity and Amazon Watch, the National Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), and Extinction Rebellion are leading a call for a Global Day of Action for the Amazon on September 5, 2019, also known as “Amazon Day.”

It is critical that before the G7 Summit, the United National General Assembly meeting and Climate Week, this issue be put on the forefront and that international pressure is brought to force Brazil to address the urgent need to suppress the fires, protect the Amazon and respect the rights of indigenous peoples and their territory.

On September 5th we call on the global community to take to the streets and demonstrate. Focus should not only be directed at Brazilian embassies or consulates, but also at the offices of the corporations profiting from Amazon destruction.

Governments and companies around the world are emboldening Bolsonaro’s toxic policies when they enter trade agreements with his government or invest in agribusiness companies operating in the Amazon.

Amazon Watch and APIB conducted an investigation this year that showed how many US and European companies – like Cargill and ADM – and financiers – like BlackRock, JP Morgan Chase and Santander – are complicit in Amazon deforestation.

Please sign up here to join actions planned for your area or arrange your own action and invite members of your network.

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National Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB)
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