Extinction Rebellion Dinner of HOPE at the NHM


20 June 2019


Natural History Museum, London, London, United Kingdom

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Families

On 20th June, the Natural History Museum will be hosting the annual dinner of the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society, celebrating their exploration of fossil fuels. Extinction Rebellion will be gatecrashing this party.

We are stunned that the grotesque irony of this cosy industry dinner taking place surrounded by extinct species seems lost on this iconic public institution. The Natural History Museum must be a pioneer in taking positive action in the midst of our climate and ecological emergency. Instead they are taking money from and bolstering the very industry doing the most to make our living world natural history.

Extinction Rebellion will be organising a range of creative and non-violent actions around the Petroleum Group annual dinner, which is planned to take place underneath HOPE, the blue whale skeleton in the main hall.

Our purpose is twofold: to demonstrate to these agents of extinction that they are no longer welcome in our cherished public institutions, which we reclaim for the public good, and to demand that the Natural History Museum ceases to endorse oil extraction and exploration. We are sending an open letter to the museum asking that they cancel the Petroleum Group dinner, declare climate and ecological emergency, and sever all financial ties with the fossil fuel industry.

If no action is taken, our methods will centre around a subversion of this dinner of extinction. We will disrupt the dinner, and in its stead we will hold our own alternative dinner, in which awards will be presented to renewable energy sources in front of the public.

The programme:
– All guests are invited to arrive in their own time during the afternoon, before 4pm and enjoying the museum facilities for a while, we are doing that so we do not arrive all as a mass group.
– Meanwhile the outreach team will be handing out invitations to the alternative dinner at the museum entrance, South Kensington tube station and the foot tunnel to the museums. This will target the large number of people entering and leaving the museums.
– At 4:30 pm our banquet will be set and we will host the alternative dinner at 4:45-5:45 pm, where awards and speeches will be made by the children to emphasise what the true focus of the museum should be.
– From 6pm our amazing XR Drummers will take over and lead us to Exhibition Road where we will continue to peacefully protest the NHM support of the Petroleum Group
– After this from 6:30pm, in advance of the start of the petroleum dinner, swarming will be done to disrupt guests’ arrival and draw attention to the climate and ecological emergency.

These are the main events, but we expect much more to occur so we need your numbers and creativity! One thing we would love is to build a beautiful spread for our epic dinner so please bring something to share – for ourselves and invited members of the public. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Love and rage.

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