Enough is Enough on Air Pollution! Die-in at the Science Museum


20 February 2020
11:00 - 12:00


Science Museum, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Families

Join us this Thursday the 20th at 11am at the Making the Modern World Hall at the Science Museum in London for a die-in to raise awareness about air pollution and its effects on ours and our children’s health.

Our children are breathing air so polluted it is illegal.

Children’s lung capacity can reduce by up to 14% if they live in a high pollution area.
On 18 March 2019 London breached European PM10 particle pollution limits for
the year. The government’s committee on the medical effects of air pollutants links NO2 to
as many as 36,000 deaths in the UK each year.

Toxic air has been linked to asthma, dementia, infertility, slow childhood
development, autism, obesity, miscarriage, depression, psychosis and decreased
life expectancy.

We call on the Science Museum to declare a climate emergency, cut its ties with the Fossil Fuel industry and Tell the Truth to the public about the Climate and Ecological emergency we are facing.

Science Museum Group director, Sir Ian Craig Blatchford, actively promotes cultural sponsorship by fossil fuel companies and accepts oil sponsorship for its children’s gallery, Wonderlab.

We will gather at the Making the Modern World Hall (see map) at 11am for a 11:15 die-in. We will be using air-pollution masks with ENOUGH IS ENOUGH written on it. Please also bring placards with your messages (keep it small or fabric so security is not an issue). The die-in will last 20min and time will be marked by a bell. Once the die-in is over, we will speak out loud some facts around air pollution and call out for change.

We will be there to help raise public awareness on air pollution in London and the UK and to promote the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH March that will take place on Saturday the 22nd in London.

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