Daily Global Rebel Meditation


07 October 2019

20 October 2019

13:30 – 14:00


Across the world



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Buddhists

To support Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion, XR Buddhists and XR Meditators will sit around the world at the same time during the rebellion.

We can use this time to sit together with our friends or Sangha, and if possible, let’s bring them to the nearest rebellion site!

We can get in touch with our breath, our bodies, come home to ourselves and then generate a loving compassionate energy to all rebels and all life around us.

We will meditate together at 12.30 UTC for 30 minutes- this time has been chosen to make it possible to join around the world is as many places as possible. Please find your local time here: http://time.unitarium.com/utc/1230pm

New York/Toronto: 8.30am
London: 1:30pm
Paris: 2.30pm
Nairobi: 3:30pm
New Delhi: 6:00pm
Sydney: 10.30pm

***Rebellion Meditation Meeting Points***
London: Lambeth Bridge with XR Buddhists

[Please message with more locations and we’ll add :)]

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