COP26 Livestream training – with interpretation


19 October 2021
19:00 - 19:45




Training - Online

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion UK

🇬🇧 Learn to livestream in 45 minutes and broadcast your COP26 actions to the world

🇫🇷 Apprenez à diffuser en direct en 45 minutes et diffusez vos actions COP26 dans le monde – avec interprétation

🇪🇸 Aprenda a transmitir en vivo en 45 minutos y transmita sus acciones de la COP26 al mundo – con interpretatcíon

Time: Oct 19, 2021 07:00 PM London

Meeting ID: 814 4489 8980
Passcode: 820505

📣 During COP26 (1-13 November), we want to ensure that voices of people from across our worldwide movement are heard loud and clear, including those in the Global South and frontline communities. How can we do this? One word: livestreaming!

🎬 Livestreaming is a way of broadcasting your action in real time over the Internet. Anyone can learn to do it, so long as they have an average-quality smartphone, reliable Internet connection, a Facebook account and ample data (about 1GB per hour of streamed material). XR livestreams typically receive thousands of views and shares. It means you can say what you want to say and show what you want to show, directly to your audience.

📱Whether you are coming to Glasgow or want to amplify your actions elsewhere in the UK, Europe or further afield, we will guide you through the basics of tech, messaging and how to gain maximum traction for your streams, with plenty of time for questions.

👉 For English-speakers in Europe, please join our training on Thursday 23 October, 18:00-18:30 UTC.

👉 If you are in the Western Hemisphere, please join our training on Tuesday 26 October, 08:00-08:30 UTC.

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