Colne Valley Action: nature needs us


26 April 2019
10:00 - 13:00


Uxbridge, UB9 6JW

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion London

Rebels. Colne Valley needs us. Life needs us. Join us to halt this criminal activity.

Tomorrow, roads close at the edges of London, for massive destruction to our ecosystem – ancient trees will be felled, wildlife displaced, chalk aquifers providing 22% of London drinking water is threatened with pollution. 100 billion pounds of public money is supporting this biodiversity loss – all in support of a high speed train line which will do nothing for ordinary folks travelling to London. It will be so expensive to run, only elites will afford it and it cuts only 20 minutes from the train journey that already exists between Birmingham and London.

Colne Valley is a place of natural beauty that has been protected for years as a regenerative space for London folks – mitigation for the pollution that was known to be caused by Heathrow airport, not far from the despicable plans for a Heathrow extension.

This weekend HS2 seek to flatten a spot of natural beauty, full of diverse wildlife and ancient natural history – to build a power station to power the train and services to it. All along the proposed route from London to Birmingham, ancient woodlands are being destroyed, heritage sites are being flattened, wildlife is being displaced – here is where we can take a stand to support our second demand – HALT BIODIVERSITY LOSS. Knowing the truth as we do, it cannot be allowed that this climate catastrophe train be allowed to head us and our kids , over a cliff. It is unnecessary. Up and down the route, it is unwanted. It must be stopped.

Be aware, it is not police who will meet us there, but security forces. This can be trickier to protest against. They do not have the same duty of care that police do. Staying with buddies is important, as is filming any engagement you have with them.

And, most importantly, so is keeping nonviolence – in the face of any provocation shown against us – we MUST. Keep nonviolent in our actions.

For any rebels who have willing and energy to make a strike for land and water protection. Meet me Aprilgriefsong, at Colne valley where we shall relocate camp long enough to prevent the destruction planned or the construction beginning. Let us break the back of a government plan that is utterly out of alignment with our demands – and will most certainly be stopped from completion when citizens assembly has the go ahead to inform on our demands. HS2 will never be finished. The work they do now, must be stopped.

Any who will come, take underground to Uxbridge and the the U9 bus to Harvil Road Dog’s Trust. The Harvil Road Wildlife protection camp which has been supported by local people for two years now, is in need of your action. There are trees for treehouses, a local water source, a beautiful green field to camp in – but not for long. And are to flatten it this weekend. If you can come halt biodiversity loss with London. Show how it can be done. Show how we can actually make a stand for the demands we have been calling for – not only highlighting them, but actually actioning them. Rebels, this is a call to action. Born of love for life and grief for for all I have already seen down there. It must be stopped. We must act now.

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