Climate Strike on a Bike! – Extinction Rebellion UK

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Climate Strike on a Bike!


24 May 2019
10:30 - 13:30


South pavement in Russell Square WC1B 4JA

hosted by

Parents for Future Worldwide

Support the youth in their demand for action on the climate and biodiversity emergency.

The next youth strike for the climate is Friday 24th May. The kids have called on adults to stand with them in their plight for a restored and habitable planet. Greta Thunberg has said ‘don’t leave it to us kids!’.

We will cycle to the youth climate strike in Parliament square and have a picnic on the square

Our generation have left the world in a terrible state for our kids to inherit. It is our responsibility to demand our governments do everything possible to heal the world.

Extinction Rebellion have shown us too that we must now act as if the truth was real. Their Waterloo ‘garden’ bridge, was more than just a disruptive protest, it was literally a demonstration another world is possible, if we only imagine.

Hence the idea to ‘Strike on a Bike!’.

Private cars cause gridlock, air pollution, are responsible for a large proportion of the UK’s CO2 emissions, are dangerous to pedestrians and children and take up space that could otherwise be used for play or returning to nature. In general they’re terrible!

As well as supporting the young people’s protest, by striking on a bike, we’re demonstrating we are ready to move to low carbon travel for the sake of our young people.

Please join us on ‘Strike on a bike!’ on May 24th 2-4pm.

In association with London Cycling Campaign, Parents for Future UK, US & Europe, UK Student Climate Network – Youth Strike 4 Climate

Current arranged bike strikes – London, Leeds, Eastbourne, Seattle, Berlin, Frankfurt, Saarland

Please join, or get in touch if your organisation would like to have a presence

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