Climate Justice is Migrant Justice


04 September 2020
10:00 - 13:00


Nelson Mandela Statue, Parliament Square, London, SW1P 3, United Kingdom



hosted by

Global Justice Rebellion

*This is a socially distanced protest! Please wear a mask and keep a safe distance from each other*

Meet at Nelson Mandela statue at 10am! Please arrive by 10:30am latest 😉

The climate and ecological crisis is not a thing of the future, but one which is happening right now. Even throughout the course of human history, climate and (the lack of) resources has prompted the majority of all mass movements of people. This is a reality which we as a global society, and particularly the nations of the Global North, have to get to grips with, with the utmost urgency. What we are witnessing instead, however, is an increasing militarisation of borders, as well as the proliferation of an increasingly rabid and racist rhetoric towards migrants and refugees.

Please assemble in Parliament Square!

We will stand in solidarity with those forced to leave their homes, and those made to suffer in migrations systems worldwide as we speak.

We will hear from a range of speakers (including those who have and are suffering under the immigration system here in the UK), and experience performances. There will be the opportunity to learn more about the UK’s hostile environment policy, and the links between migrants rights and climate justice. There will also be the opportunity to play interactive games meant for activists of any age!

Confirmed speakers:

+ Helen Brewer from the Stansted 15
+ Sara Callaway and several others with experience of the migration system from Women of Colour – Global Women’s Strike, and the All African Women’s Group
+ Aliya Yule from Migrants Organise
+ Liba Ravindran a BAME XR voice who will be performing poetry
+ Hiba Ahmad an anti-borders activist from the radical youth collective Our Future Now
+ Cameron Joshi a climate justice activist from Global Justice Rebellion
+ Rosanna Wiseman from SOAS Detainee Support
+ Rogelio Braga from Status Now 4 All
+ Emma Dalmayne from Autistic Inclusive Meets, the organisers of a protest straight after to stop the deportation of the wrongly imprisoned Osime Brown
+ Sara Cordovez from XR Youth Solidarity, a group which works to align the western environmental movement with the Majority World / Global South
+ Tess Humble, a climate and migrants rights writer and activist

Stick around for the protest to Save Osime Brown which will be starting at 1pm nearby –

More details will come imminently…

*If you are coming as part of Extinction Rebellion, we want to kindly ask to leave the XR flags behind (otherwise people will think this is an XR action!). Small XR logos and stickers on your person is fine!*

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