Banking on Breakdown – Extinction Rebellion UK

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Banking on Breakdown


14 October 2019
10:00 - 13:00


Bank Station, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion UK

While the primary focus of October’s International Rebellion is our broken politics, that doesn’t mean we’re letting the world’s genocidal corporations off the hook!

From 14th October we’ll Tell the Truth about our suicidal economic system right at the centre of its beating heart, the City of London.

Finance accounts for almost a tenth of the UK economy, and plays a pivotal role in the toxic system that is killing our world. Nine of the world’s top fossil fuel investors ( of the last 3 years have headquarters in the City. This is where unaccountable executives make life-or-death decisions on how the world’s trillions are invested, where extracted resources are bought and sold on the international markets, and where the criminal profits of corporate ecocide are siphoned into offshore bank accounts. It is the epicentre of “business as usual”.

Few other sites in the world present the opportunity for Rebels to effect such global economic impact. We will be using targeted non-violent direct action to peacefully demand that the Government Act Now to end the financing of fossil fuel extraction and Make Ecocide Law (

Coordinated mass swarming will take place throughout the week, causing sustained economic disruption to some of the most powerful institutions on the planet. Rebel hives will form at 3 sites (see below) from 6:30am each day, and spread out to pollinate the morning commute.

Locations are:

Festival Gardens (near St Paul’s) 51.513201, -0.096828
Montague Close (behind Southwark Cathedral) 51.506557, -0.089551
Exchange Square, Broadgate (behind Liverpool St Station) 51.519917, -0.080995

In parallel with the transport chaos, some enterprising Rebels are planning creative disruption for some of the world’s worst offenders, and theatrical mass participatory fun for all the rest of us!

If any of this sounds like a job for you, or your affinity group, please sign up here:

Love and Rage!!

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