Building Relationships: Discussing XR’s role in a Movement of Movements


17 October 2020


28 November 2020




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Rebels Without Borders

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In a rapidly polarising world faced with mass extinction and societal collapse, Extinction Rebellion has emerged as a movement aiming to achieve disruptive action that causes systemic change. So far, given the movement’s relative nascence, it has considerably moved the needle for the need to act on the climate crisis.

However, what has become increasingly evident in the same time is that the the climate crisis is only a symptom of the larger toxic system which is responsible for runaway ecological breakdown, oppression, injustice, human rights violations, marginalisation of communities and much more.

As such, the urgent need for XR local groups all over the world to engage in relationship building with a wide variety of anti and post-systemic struggles cannot be understated.

Local Partnerships Support is part of the Global Support organism that is trying to motivate and support rebels around the world to center a movement of movements approach in strategy building.

These weekly calls act as discussion spaces comprising of 45 minutes of sharing about a particular aspect of Partnerships building, followed by 45 minutes of discussion, activity or other interactive engagement.

Additionally, we also provide one-to-one consultation for any local groups engaging in relationship building that need support.

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