Action Design Training


28 July 2020


18 August 2020


XR UK Talks & Trainings, London, United Kingdom


Training - Online

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XR UK Talks & Trainings


Extinction Rebellion is an actions-led movement. Let’s get back to XR’s roots and use actions to cut through business as usual and lead people to rebel. This workshop gives people the tools to design sexy, crazy, moving, provoking actions and looks to empower people in all walks of life to rebel. Let’s get naughty.

This workshop is vital pre-rebellion, teaching rebels how to
design and carry out actions, with high impact and effectiveness in
the spirit of Extinction Rebellion. Learn about the key principles
of civil disobedience, how XR’s principles and values guide action
design, and important advice for carrying out empowering
actions whilst under lockdown and social distancing.

This training is free but any contribution to the rebellion would be highly appreciated!

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Attendance for this event is limited so please only register if you’re actually planning on attending:

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