12 Things To Do In The Rebellion


07 October 2019


19 October 2019


London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom



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Extinction Rebellion London


1. Accommodation
If you are London-based and have a spare bed or sofa or floor space, please fill out this form and we’ll match you with rebels in need. www.Tinyurl.com/xrrebelhosting

2. Food sourcing
Visit your local bakeries and fruit shops – think Gail’s, Paul, Greggs, Planet Organic and independent bakeries and supermarkets – to ask if they can donate the bread and fruit left over at the end of the day to us during the October Rebellion. Collect the food and bring to the Rebellion or hold it for collection by XR couriers.
Contact: 07981 012446 / janemallen01@btinternet.com

3. Cooking
Cook a big batch of food, cakes or cookies and bring it to one of the sites. Homemade food is always a dream. (Vegetarian and vegan is always preferable.) Check out the Sustenance team’s Facebook page and website for more info on how you can help them: https://sites.google.com/view/octobersustenance/how-londoners-can-help?fbclid=IwAR3hRh6KNZLrtsQkx17BSQtHfpDQOs0VHyf9TYIcT9bGmGbQR1rWyGJ0LIQ

4. Join a satellite action
Taking place away from the main sites, many small actions will be fun and will be tackling specific issues and actions that are not designed to be arrestable. Join in and make a big impact.

5. Flyering/Posters and stickers
Outreach is a huge part of any action and Rebellion. You can do this for 10 mins or two hours. Just find an information point pick up some flyers and get started. Grab some posters and put them up in your local area or workplace. Each site will have loads. Please offer a donation (if you can) as these materials don’t come cheap!

6. Use social media to spread the word
Let your friends, family and fans know what is happening and why it is important. We are keen to get the public onside, so every tweet, Facebook and Instagram post helps.

7. Bring your work to the rebellion
Have a meeting at one of the sites. Do a workshop on how your office is being active on climate change. Support an after-work outing.

8. Join critical mass
Join a bike ride and get your days exercise in one. Here’s the Rebel Riders Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/rebelriderslondon/about/

9. Give someone a break
Many people working full-time at the Rebellion won’t have a chance to take a break. Put your hand up to take over their duties for 30 minutes or an hour while they have a sit-down or grab a bite to eat.

10. Donate
Money makes the world go round. If you have something to give then find your local borough group or click the bigger XR donate button here: https://rebellion.earth/donate/

11. Perform/Speak at the rebellion
If you are a musician/storyteller/speaker/performer/artist/writer/yogi and have something to share, then this is the place to do that. We have 11 sites to program!!! This is called Radical participation and one of the beautiful things we love about the rebellion. Everyone can be involved…
Find out how here: https://rebellion.earth/act-now/resources/perform/

12. Rebel Ringers
Get the word out, and invite the world:


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