1,000 Trees // Reforesting Parliament


08 October 2019


13 October 2019


Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London



hosted by

Matthew Shribman's Science In The Bath


As part of the Extinction Rebellion actions in London, we will be creating a fledgling forest with 1,000 potted native trees ? outside Parliament (at Old Palace Yard) in the shape of the British Isles.

With this symbolic action we will be calling on the government and MPs to plant billions of trees across the UK, and support the planting of trillions more ? around the world.

“Global tree restoration is one of our most effective climate change solutions to date.” – The Crowther Lab

We need 1 trillion new trees to absorb the last 10 years of global emissions. ⛽️

We’ll write the name of a Minister or MP on each tree, and together we’ll ask that they come out to collect their tree, and use it as part of their contribution to the many billions of trees that need to follow!

If you’d like to get involved in the procession of trees, and building the forest, come along to the East side of Parliament Square for noon on the 8th.

Otherwise come down to Parliament Square at any time over the following couple of days, and find the tree for your region of the UK, get a ? with it and send it to your MP on social media – ideally Twitter, because they use that the most.

Or we’ll help you to call them directly, so you can tell them you’re waiting outside!

We’ll also have trees for world leaders, so if you’re from outside the UK, or if you’d just like to contact a world leader to ask them to ask the British government to plant their tree for them, we’ll help you to do that too!

We’ll be using this hashtag:


And please also tag:

#ExtinctionRebellion, #EverybodyNow & #TrillionTrees

Depending on the weather and how long the forest remains in place for, there will be talks and entertainments amidst the trees.


We’ll need lots of people to help to carry the small trees, build the forest and look after it once it’s set up.

We welcome everyone and anyone who wants to help so bring your entire family from grandparents to children and anyone you know who wants to come. A watering can ? would be good too, if you have one!

Although this is an Extinction Rebellion action, it is a very symbolic one and we are not planning anything illegal.

Please do also bring banners and placards demanding reforesting on a global scale!

We are planning for the forest to remain in place for a few days but when it needs to be removed, you may take any remaining trees home with you to plant in an ideal spot.

Rising Forests has agreed to plant the rest of the trees safely in the West Country where they will live out their lives happily absorbing tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. 🙂

Also, please leave the pots with us, so that we can send them back to Trees Direct to be re-used.


For the procession and building of the forest, join us on Tuesday October 8th at noon!

Otherwise, come to visit at any time over the next day or two!


Meet at Old Palace Yard, here:


Check back here nearer the time for updates and join this group for live info on the day: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KojjdmJtBuALqCqyN7llTH

Please only click “GOING” if you will definitely be there so we have a good idea of numbers in advance. Thanks!

Full information about all the XR actions in London check HERE:

For anyone wanting to perform amidst the trees, please email amy@matthewshribman.com


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