UK ACTIONS STRATEGY Update: Get ready for 2021!

This has certainly been a year of great challenge, change and uncertainty. We’ve plotted and planned and taken powerful, beautiful, ground shifting action. We’ve played an integral part in keeping the climate conversation going during Covid-19, regardless of how difficult it might be to see that as we’ve jumped between lockdowns.

As we begin the countdown to COP26 in Glasgow next year, our actions will need to expose the Government’s failures and empty promises like never before! Because 5 years on from the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement and emissions are still rising year on year, yet our government is talking like they’ve got it all in hand.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Actions are the heart and soul of our movement, the roots of our community and a gateway for new rebels to join in. There has been a call for more of a collective focus of our actions. If we align on shared objectives and coordinate actions around similar targets and dates, we will have a bolder impact. 

Read the action strategy update

Together we can generate a force for change to demand our government steps up on the Climate & Ecological Emergency. 

During the past month, the UK Actions Circle has come together to work out an actions strategy for the next 6 months. With the help of valuable feedback from across the organism, we hope this plan of action will help to inspire rebels to get planning for what we hope to be a hugely successful 2021.

Read the action strategy update

How can we use this action strategy to align on our actions and unify our message to have a stronger impact on a government clearly out of its depths?

Covid has cocooned us, but let’s not be afraid to continue the work at hand. Wherever you’re at – lockdown hibernation, making digital ripples, hitting the streets with creative subvertising designs or plotting disruptive actions – this guide created by XRUK Action Circle offers a supportive actions framework for the months ahead. 

The UK Action Circle is made up of Action Planners, Action Support, Creative, Production and has link roles of Political, M&M, Legal, International and more! We are responsible for developing action strategy for XR UK, assessing UK action proposals, setting major action dates, overseeing a UK Action Calendar and communicating with other actions teams globally. 

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